Stuart International, LLC,

Stuart International based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, offers a wide variety of services to its defense, law enforcement and military corporate clientele. We provide consultancy services, direct sales and marketing, business development, market analysis and compliance guidance.

• A results oriented services company
• Servicing offshore and domestic clients
• Offer direct sales and marketing
• Business development activities
• International teaming arrangements
• Market surveys
• Assessment of product viability in the market
• Export control and ITAR compliance
• Advise direction of future business growth
• Manage Foreign Comparative Test (FCT) programs
• Liaise with all aspects of the Department of Defense
• Liaise with State and local government agencies
• Foreign Military Sales programs
• Defense Products
• Defense Products

Defense Products Consultant
Law Enforcement Consultant
Security Consultant
ITAR compliance
Export controls
Foreign Military Sales
Consultancy services
Offshore, Domestic Defense Corporation

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